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About ESI

The Earth and Space Institute (ESI) at UMBC fosters science and algorithms, design, development, and testing of satellite, aircraft, and ground based instrumentation for Earth and Space science observations. ESI works closely with the Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology (JCET), a cooperative agreement between UMBC and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, on science data analysis, instrument developments and deployment, grant proposals, calibration exercises, student training, etc. ESI aims to develop a multidisciplinary environment where faculty, staff and students across departments and disciplines can collaborate with governmental agencies and industrial partners to develop innovative concepts, science and technology with applications for Earth and Space Sciences.
ESI provides design, prototyping and final fabrication and testing capabilities on the development of remote sensing and in situ sensors for the measurement of geophysical parameters covering a broad range of disciplines, as well as the development of scientific algorithms and analysis of satellite data sets.