Computing and Storage Cluster

We have developed a computing and storage cluster at ESI specifically designed for aerosol and cloud radiative transfer simulations and retrievals. Our cluster, NyX (nyx.esi.umbc.edu), consists of 7 x86_64_v4 nodes and 7 x86_64_v3 nodes, allowing for parallel processing and multi-node utilization. Furthermore, we have a storage server with a generous capacity of 360TB.

NyX is exclusively accessible to members of our research group. If you’re interested in obtaining an account, please contact our HPC administrator, Anin Puthukkudy, at aputhukkudy@umbc.edu.


Git Server

The research group at ESI has established a specialized git server known as TFS (tfs.laco.phys.umbc.edu) to facilitate code development for scientific and data analysis pipelines within the group. TFS server is dedicated exclusively to the members of our research group, ensuring a secure and collaborative environment for code sharing and version control.

If you are interested in gaining access to TFS and contributing to our code development efforts, please reach out to our HPC administrator, Anin Puthukkudy, at aputhukkudy@umbc.edu. They will provide you with the necessary steps and information to obtain an account and start collaborating within our research group.