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ESI calibrates OreSat small satellite at NASA GSFC

The ESI collaborates with Portland State University in the development and characterization of OreSat, a small satellite instrument for measuring cirrus clouds from space. Last week, the ESI took OreSat to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for radiometric calibration. This testing allows the OreSat pixels to measure upwelling radiant energy from cirrus clouds. OreSat data will be used to globally map these clouds in an effort to improve current climate models. OreSat launches to space later this year. For more details, visit the PSU website at https://www.oresat.org/satellites/oresat.

Image: ESI engineers Danny Nelson and Dominik Cieslak take images with OreSat in front of the "Grande" integrating sphere at NASA GSFC. (Photo credit: Ian Decker/ESI.)

Posted: March 29, 2024, 1:52 PM